About Dhamtari

Dhamtari one of the oldest regions in India, is a famous destination of Chhattisgarh. Wild animals and birds as well as the oldest temples and historical monuments tempt many visitors including nature lovers, wildlife enthusiasts, pilgrims and history lovers to this city. The city is easily reachable from all parts of the state, as it is connected with the major cities of Chhattisgarh through road and railways.

About Dhamtari
Bilai Mata Temple in Dhamtari

History of Dhamtari

Dhamtari before bifurcation of Madhya Pradesh was part of Raipur District. It was in 2000 it became the part of new Chhattisgarh state and became the headquarters for the Dhamtari tehsil. As Dhamtari was a terminus of a narrow-gauge railway that ran 80 km north of Raipur on the main Bombay-Calcutta line of the Bengal Nagpur railway, the city became an important trade center. Many different goods like timber, morabulum nuts, shellac, beedi leaves, animal hides and rice etc. were shipped from here. In 1899, the American Mennonite Mission was established in Dhamtari and it had merged with the Mennonite Church in India in 1952. The Mennonite Church had its headquarters in Dhamtari. Dhamtari Christian Academy, Dhamtari Christian Hospital, the Samuel Burkhad Memorial Boy’s Orphanage and a nursing school were the missionary groups in Dhamtari at that time.

Geography of Dhamtari

Dhamtari is located at 20.71°N and 81.55°E with an average elevation of 317 meters. It is located 71 km away towards south from Raipur, the state capital. Though the district covers around 2029 square kilometers and is situated 305 meters above sea level. The eastern side of Dhamtari is surrounded by Satpura range and it is popularly known as Sihawa Pahad. Kanker district is located on the west and Raipur is on the north of the district. The south side of Dhamtari is bordered by Odisha. Nearby cities to Dhamtari are Balod city, Kanker city, Gobranawapara city etc. Dhamtari is rich with lush green forests, unique wildlife and large dams. The city is located on the fertile plains of Chhattisgarh due to the presence of Mahanadi, the main river in Dhamtari and the major tributaries of this river are Sendur, Kharun, pairy, Shivnath and Joan. There are many dams in Dhamtari district. Ravishankar Sagar dam, which was built in the year 1914 at Dhamtari, is the first ever syphen dam in Asia. The other major dams here are Sondhur dam and Dudhawa dam.

Climate of Dhamtari

Dhamtari city generally experiences a tropical climate. Summer, winter and monsoon are the basic seasons here. Summer season is too hot in Dhamtari with highest temperature in between 31°C and 45°C. Therefore winter season is comparatively comfortable time to visit the town.

Administration in Dhamtari

Profile of Dhamtari
Nagar Palika in Dhamtari

Dhamtari is a Legislative Assembly in the state, where Gurumukh Singh Hora of Indian National Congress is the sitting MLA. The city is a part of the Mahasamund Lok Sabha Constituency. District & Session’s court in Dhamtari district is situated in Dhamtari city. Dhamtari Municipality is responsible for the local administration of Dhamtari city. The basic needs of the people here like water, road, electricity etc are fulfilled by Dhamtari Nagar Nigam. Its major departments include public work department, revenue department, electricity department, vehicle department, water department, cleaning health department, birth and death department and samazik pension department. There are many schemes and projects under Dhamtari Nagar Nigam such as BRGF Yojna, Ekikrat Pension Yojna, Bhagirathi Nal Jal, Colony Jankari, Letter, Ration card, Shikshako ki Jankari, Vahano Ki Cuchi, Vriddha Pension etc.

Nagar Palik Nigam , Dhamtari
Chhattisgarh, India
Telephone: 0772-2241603
FAX: 0772-241598
E-mail: commissionerdhamtari@gmail.com

Economy of Dhamtari

Agriculture is the main source of revenue in Dhamtari. The main crop grown in the city is Paddy. Ravishankar Sagar Dam is the main supply of water to the Bhilai Steel plant and Raipur. It irrigates almost 57,000 hectares of land. Most of the people in the city are involved in the timber industry or rice or flour milling. There are more than 100 rice mills in Dhamtari, Chemical industry also has significant role in the economy of the city.

Culture in Dhamtari

Dhamtari is famous for its rich cultural heritage and tribal life. The region still keeps its tribal traditions and culture in various art forms such as music and traditional songs, dance styles, festivals and local cuisines. The tribal community here represents the ancient tribal culture, which was prevalent earlier. Dhamtari town give great importance to arts. The Vindhyavasini and Angarmoti temples here are famous for their arts and cultural beliefs. There are many splendid architectural monuments with giant structures. It reveals the artistic caliber, creative imagination and engineering skills of the local people of Dhamtari.

Tourist Destinations in Dhamtari

Dhamtari is one of the famous tourist destinations in the state. No matter you are a nature lover, wildlife enthusiast, history lover or an adventurous person, Dhamtari is an ideal location for all types of visitors. There are many ancient temples in the city where you can see great sculptures and other artistic works that stand as the proof for the artistic and engineering skill of the people in Dhamtari. Moreover, the city has many dams like Ravishankar Dam and Madamsilli Dam, which are the favorite attraction of nature lovers. Besides, visiting Sitanadi Wildlife Sancury is also a thrilling experience, as you can see tigers and leopards in their natural habitat here. Rudri and Sihava are the nearby places to Dhamtari that are famous for many ancient temples.

Information on Dhamtari
Gangrel Dam

There are many good restaurants and hotels in and around Dhamtari city that ensures better dining and lodging experience to the tourists who visit here.Dhamtari is one of the famous tourist locations in Chhattisgarh. The historical monuments, temples, dams and landscape attract many tourists from various corners of the country. It is also known for its ancient traditional folk culture. Besides, Dhamtari also provide options for trekking, hiking and other such adventurous activities in the jungles around the region. Some of the famous tourist locations in and around Dhamtari city are discussed here.

Bilai Mata Mandir

The Bilai Mata Temple is a revered shrine in Dhamtari, where many tourists and pilgrims visit every year. This temple id dedicated to Goddess Durga. It is sure that you will never forget the time you spent in Dhamtari, as the city gives you a handful of memorable moments. To conclude Dhamtari is a must visit place during pleasure trip to Chhattisgarh.


Sihava is a small township located in proximity to Dhamtari. Situated on the embarkment of Mahanadi River, this town is one of the poplar pilgrimage centers of Chhattisgarh. There are many noteworthy holy sites here such as Karbeshwar Temple, Ganesh Ghat, Danteshwari Cave, Ashram of Hringi Hathi Khot, Mahamai Temple and Amrit Kund.

Ravishankar Dam

Ravishankar Sagar Dam, built across the Mahanadi River is, one of the famous tourist spot in Dhamtari. It is situated 15 km away from the city. The dam is also known as Gangrel dam. Many tourists visit this place to see the lovely sunset here. The dam is a hydel power project that provides electricity to the town and the neighboring places. The mighty fall from the dam after every monsoon Monsoon time attracts crowd from nearby destinations. Tourist can also go for boating in the river here.

Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary

Dhamtari TourismSitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary is another tourist attraction in Dhamtari, where several wildlife enthusiasts and nature lovers visit throughout the year. It is a thrilling experience to see the animals in their natural habitat. The sanctuary, which is established in 1974 under Wildlife Protection Act of 1972, sprawls over an area of 556 sq km with an altitude ranging between 327 and 736 m above the sea level. Sitanadi Wildlife Sanctuary is also a tiger and leopards preserve. Sitanadi River, the sanctuary is named after which, originates from here and joins Mahanadi river.

Sihawa Pahad

Sihawa Pahad is actually the Satpura range of mountains, which is located on the eastern side of Dhamtari. It is a major tourist spot of the district.

Madamsilli Dam

Madamsilli Dam is a giant construction, which stands as the engineering marvel of Chhattisgarh state. It is located 12 km away from General Dam. Located on the Mahanadi River, it is also known as Murrumsilli Dam. This dam is an ideal place for nature lovers and photographers. Many people visit this place with their family for a picnic. The scenic view of the region will attract everybody. You can see the entire forest that covers this region from above Madamsilli Dam.


Rudri, which was one of the most popular tourist destinations in Dhamtari, was believed to be the capital of Kanker Kingdom during the rule of Rudra Dev. Famous Rudreshwar temple is situated here and many tourists from faraway places visit to get glimpses of architectural brilliance of the by gone era. The shrine of Rudreshwar is situated on the banks of Mahanadi River in Rudri. It is located on the bank of River Mahanadi. There is also a large reservoir built near the temple in Rudri. Lord Shiva is the presiding deity in the temple. According to the historians, Rudreshwar temple dates back to Chandra Dynasty. It is believed that Chandravanshi King Rudra Dev constructed the shrine.

Kanker Palace

Plcaes near Dhamtari
Kanker Palace

Kanker Palace is one of the prime historic attractions near Dhamtari. There is a beautiful garden along with decorated sitting area here. Now a part of this ancient palace is functioned as a heritage hotel and the royal family residing in the palace complex manages it. Various events are conducted in the palace with traditional dance and music.

Transportation in Dhamtari

Dhamtari city is well connected with all major cities of the state through rail and roadways. You get buses from the main cities like Raipur, Bilaspur and Durg etc. to the town. Raipur is only about 60 km away from Dhamtari. You can also hire taxi for a more comfortable journey. Several forms of public transportation like luxury buses, tempos and auto-rickshaws are available here. The important railway that connects Dhamtari city to Raipur, the state capital is the Raipur-Dhamtari narrow gauge line. The nearest railway stations to Dhamtari city are Dhamtari railway station and Sankra railway station. However, the major railway station that connects the city with other major cities of the state is Durg railway station, which is 68 km near to Dhamtari. Generally narrow gauge trains operate in Dhamtari station and people get trains to Raipur from here. Raipur is connected to major Indian cities like Mumbai, Chenai, Delhi, Nagpur and Kolkata. Dali Rajhara railway station, Balod railway station and Sikosa railway station are also at a distance of less than 40 km from Dhamtari. Swami Vivekananda Airport, which is located 94.8 km away from Dhamtari, is the nearest airport to the city. People, who visit Chhattisgarh from faraway places, mainly depend on this airport.

Utility Services in Dhamtari

The development of a place is decided by not by the crowd at the shopping malls or the heavy traffic on the road, but the basic facilities provided to the local people there by the authorities. In that sense, Dhamrati is a well established city because the government here tries to make the life of local people here comfortable by ensuring essential utilities and services to them.

Utility Services in Dhamtari
Utility Services

Aadhar Card Centers in Dhamtari

Aadhar card is a valid document necessary for many official and personal purposes. The Government has opened centers in all important areas of every city where people can approach with necessary documents to get aadhar card. The permanent Aadhar card centers in Dhamtari is listed here.

Karan Choice Center
Address: Near Shani Mandir,
Ghadi Chowk, Dhamtari, 493773
Phone number: 9424220072

Angel Choice Center
Address: Kachari Chow, Dhamtari,
In front of Nagrik bank, Chhattisgarh, 493773
Phone number: 9827169099

Vardhaman Choice Center
Address: Near Menonite School,
Ratnabandha Road,
Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh, 493773
Phone number: 9424210002

Richa Choice Center
Address: Shop No-1, Nagar Palika Complex,
Kachari Chowk, In front of Post office,
Ghamtari, Chhattisgarh, 493773
Phone number: 9827161292

Aisect Csc
Address: Koliyari, Kharinga road,
Deva Krishi Kendra, Dhamtari,
Chhattisgarh, 493773
Phone number: 9179253892

Aisect Csc
Address: Ranwa, Tarsinwa,
Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh, 493773
Phone number: 9098190620

Aisect Csc
Address: Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh, 493773
Phone number: 8085070050

Petrol pumps in Dhamtari

It is very important to have information about the important petrol pumps in the city where you travel. The number of petrol pumps is increased now along with the increase in requirement of fuel, as the number of vehicles is also increasing day by day. Here is giving the list of some of the important petrol pumps in and around Dhamtari city.

Banarsi Lal bansi Lal
Address: Station road, NH 43,
Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh

Dhamtari Enterprises
Address: Jagdalpur Road, NH 43,
Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh

M/S Maa Sharda Service Station
Address: NH-43 Kurud,
Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh
Phone number: 7722 223174

M/S R.V Kumar & Co
Address; Baster road, NH 43,
Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh
Phone number: 237647

Nankani Fuels
Address: Purur, Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh
Phone number: 9425202371

Courier Services in Dhamtari

Courier services are very important service in every city. Being a famous tourist location, there are many courier services functioning in Dhamtari. Many international and domestic courier services have branches in the city. Some of the popular courier service branches in Dhamtari city are listed here.

Madhur Courier Services
Address: Opposite Dena Bank,
Bhagwati Lodge Shop No 8, Ground Floor,
kakeer Road, Dhamtari, 493773
Phone number: 7722-235189, 9827183569

The Professional Courier
Address: Shop No 1, Dawat Restaurant,
Devshri talkies road, Dhamtari, Chhattisgarh, 493773
Phone number: 9827189104

Blue Sty Express
Address: Opposite Devshri Talkies,
Dhamtari, Baniyapara, 493773
Phone number: 9407927027

DDP Courier
Address: Sadar Bazar, Dhamtari, 493773
Phone number: 9827162772

Maruti Courier
Address: Shrivastaw Chowk, Dhamtari, 493773
Phone number: 9827161997

Pushpak Courier
Address: Sadar Bazar, Chameli Chowk, Dhamtari, 493773
Phone number: 7722 231000

Chandrakumar Courier Service
Address: Subhash Nagar, Main road, Dhamtari, 493773
Phone number: 9827922223

Dhamtari at a glance

Country : India
District : Dhamtari
Population (2001)
• Total 82,099
Time zone : IST (UTC+5:30)
Pin Code: 493773
Telephone Code: 7722
Dhamtari Police station: 7722 240699
Police help line: 100
Fire service help line: 101
Ambulance help line: 102

Dhamtari is an important city in Chhattisgarh due to its historical significance and tourist locations. The city is gradually developing in all the sectors. There is no doubt that Dhamtari is a must visited place during your pleasure trip to Chhattisgarh.

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